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Wedding Events

Book Your Wedding Events & Large Gatherings with Fondis

(We Can Host or Cater Your Large Corporate, Non-Profit, Organization Events, Family Reunions, and Birthdays As Well.)

We are excited to share with our community that Fondi’s is available as a wedding rehearsal dinner venue and for hosting any of your wedding related events. Here’s how it works:

You choose from a set menu for your event that’s priced per head and based on what you order.

  • Prices range from $25-35 per head.
  • We can host your party of up to 50 people at our restaurant with a reservation made with us.
  • A private patio experience will be available later this year with the new patio at Uptown Gig Harbor shopping center that can hold up to 80 people. A booking fee is applied.
  • Service options include buffet style or table service.
  • EXTRAS: You can choose to extend your event into our garden space which includes a canopy with highrise cocktail tables for extra mingling and elbow room. (additional fee applies.)
  • You can choose our Event Take-out which you would pick-up and bring to your event. This is a popular options for large corporate events and meetings.

Many parties have chosen to have their wedding rehearsal dinners with us at the restaurant, as well as having us fully provide their food with our Event Take-out.

If you are interested in book your wedding event with us, please fill out the form below or email the Catering Staff directly: catering@fondi.com

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