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School Fundraisers

Fondis Gig Harbor has helped raise over $10,000 in 2020 for our local schools through it’s signature FUN-Raiser programs.

Our Approach to FUN-Raisers

At Fondi Pizzeria, we love to partner with the community around us. Our scope is generally the local schools and other community centered events in Gig Harbor although any local Non-Profit can benefit and host a fundraiser with us. Our most successful fundraisers have leaders who are passionate about their cause and who invite others who share their passion! This can transform an event from a typical fundraiser to a Party, where you can catch up with old friends and meet new ones too. A place where everyone can share a meal and support a great cause, Yours!

When is it?

We generally suggest hosting a fundraiser on an early weekday (Monday-Wednesday), but your contact here at Fondi can help schedule the perfect date for your organization. We typically run the fundraiser from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and staff accordingly to make sure you and your guests get the full Fondi experience. We know that many of your supporters lead very busy lives that may not fit in the 5pm-8pm timeframe. Because of these constraints, we happily allow the Fundraiser sales to extend to online, take-out, and gift card purchases as well. 

Fondi’s (Secret) Recipe for Success

As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together” we find that passionate people attract others who are passionate as well. So be yourself, spread the word and get people to be excited about you and your organization. And at the end of it all, have FUN!

Above is an example of our Fondi Fun-Raiser Flyer that we utilize at the event. They work great on social media to spread the word and they are great to hand out at the last team meetup before the event. Your guests can stick it on the fridge, in their car visor, or have a digital copy on their phone, but just remember to bring one. If they forget (it happens), our super servers will help them out and make sure the check is still part of the tally!

But what can I do?

This is the fun part. You elect a few of your best and brightest supporters to be the ambassadors of your campaign. These champions of your cause should be staggered throughout the night so they can take a break from all the fun and have a meal as well. This is where you and your passionate followers can really shine. Volunteers have one main job, to be the Ambassadors of your Organization, and they can do it in three big ways.

  1. Front Door (2+ Volunteers) – First impressions are lasting impressions, these volunteers are the first people see when they arrive and the last they see when they depart. They should be knowledgeable about your cause and your goals for the fundraiser and be outgoing enough to answer questions from your supporters and the general public.

  2. Floor Staff (2-4 Volunteers) – Grab a water pitcher and walk the floor, these volunteers are here to help the servers and mingle with your guests. While our staff takes care of taking orders and delivering food and drinks, the volunteers can be refilling waters and soft drinks, and grabbing napkins or boxes. These small tasks help our servers and gives your volunteers an opportunity to start a conversation. Whether it is someone they know or a new connection, these volunteers are here to thank the guest for supporting your cause and to make them feel like part of your community of supporters.

  3. Gelato Case (1-2 Volunteers) – A fan favorite, the gelato case is a final stop for anyone with a sweet tooth. These volunteers are tasked with scooping Gelato (an Italian Style Ice Cream) for any guests who approach the case. With nine flavors in the case and the choice of a cup or a sugar cone, guests have many options to finish their dining experience. Volunteers here will have a short training demonstration highlighting the flavors available for the day, the location of stock and back stock items and the proper steps for scooping gelato to help keep the case clean and organized.

What happens next?

After the fundraiser, the checks are then compiled from the servers and must be totaled. The total sales from the fundraiser guests are sum total of the pre-tax subtotal on each guest check with the fundraiser flyer attached. Once the total sales are calculated, the total the fundraiser earned is 20% of that value.

When does the check arrive?

Once the check is received here in the restaurant, we will reach out to discuss and confirm the preferred method of delivery, or hold the check until you can come by to pick it up.

But I still have more questions!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Parag Bhartdwaj ( or Chris Olsen ( and we will be happy to help in any way we can. You can also reach us at the restaurant directly by calling (253)-851-6666 x1. We hope to hear from you soon to schedule your next Fondi FUN-Raiser.

We also support schools’ learning incentives through donations to Parent Teach Associations with our Bambini (Italian for kids) meal prizes.  In 2020, Fondis donated more than 2000 meals to schools!

Participants: Harbor Heights Elementary, Voyager Elementary, Discovery Elementary, Little Steps Christian Preschool, Lighthouse Christian School, Gig Harbor High School, Peninsula High School, Harbor Ridge Middle School, Goodman Middle School, Saint Nichlas Catholic School, GGHF Curious by Nature School, Gig Harbor Academy.

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