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Gluten-Free Pizza & Special Diets

Gluten-Free Options

We are a low allergen-kitchen. We strive to take care of your dietary needs without sacrificing quality and flavor.

We are very proud to offer two types of gluten-free options for pizza:

  • An imported frozen gluten-free option that is cooked in a separate oven to reduce cross-contamination 
  • As well as our hand formed gluten-free crust.

We make our own hand formed gluten-free dough in the restaurant. To stretch the dough out, we use the same gluten-free flour that we used to make it – giving you an authentically hand-stretched pizza.

That being said, we are not a dedicated gluten-free kitchen or restaurant.


With several of our menu options made exclusively vegetarian, like our Mushroom Chèvre Cannelloni, you’re bound to find something to savor.

You even have the option of making just about anything on our menu vegetarian. 

All you need to do is ask your server while placing your order. 

Sadly, no we do not offer dairy free cheese. However, our four cheese blend does not contain anticaking materials such as flour. And our featured housemaid fresh mozzarella is made from scratch utilizing fresh cheese curds, daily.

Order your meal confidently knowing that our kitchen staff is trained to have an eye for detail, and with your dietary needs in mind. 

Keto-Friendly & Dairy-Free

Keto-friendly and dairy-free at a pizza restaurant? 

Yep. You read that correctly.

We have kitchen magic that can turn any of our pizzas into a near to zero-carb Keto-friendly dish that you can enjoy without losing progress on your diet.

PLUS: We now have dairy-free options for all of pizza options.

Please ask your server ahead of time for your options available that day.

While we’ll miss the opportunity for you to taste our in-house made sourdough crust, we’ll feel good knowing your fitness and diet goals are still on track.

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