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Fondi Pizzeria is known for it’s classic, authentic, Neapolitan pizza that’s perfectly chewy and perfectly flavorful. We’re proud to be a local fave for Gig Harbor restaurants and take out. If you are looking for artisan thin crust pizza, Fondi’s is your place. We offer gluten-free crust along with a variety of vegetarian options. Download our menu to print for your home or office. We specialize in large events, parties, and wedding rehearsal dinners. Fill out our Contact Us form to find out more. 

Classic Neapolitan Pizza

Artisan Pizza

Fondi’s Serves The Freshest Neapolitan style Pizza in Gig Harbor

Handstretched dough

We are known for our thin and chewy crust that features our house-made sour starter affectionately named "Sophia Loren". Make our pizza at home with our Margherita Pizza Recipe.

Fresh Tomato Sauce

Each pizza begins with a base of our fresh, tangy tomato sauce that creates a bright and flavorful taste with every bite.

Housemade Mozarella

Rich and creamy, our mozzarella is made in house and softly melts in our brick oven. Savor a slice of our classic margherita pizza fully topped with our mozzarella.

Take Home Our Dough

Pick up our fresh dough to make your own hand-stretched DIY pizza’s at home. Our dough features our own in-house sour starter we lovingly call, “Sophia” after the famous Italian actress Sophia Loren. You can purchase our dough by visiting our restaurant at 4621 Point Fosdick Dr. NW #200, Gig Harbor, Wa.

We sell out regularly so call us today to place an order to pick up. 

Get The Dough

Kids & Families Love Fondis

Affordable Prices

Kid’s and families love Fondi’s and we love our Gig Harbor community. That’s why it’s a priority for us that we offer pizza at a price that everyone can enjoy. Even a family of 5 can eat from the Fondi Menu for under $60.

Our lunch specials start at $9.95 and include a fountain drink. For a lighter faire, you can enjoy a combo of soup and salad for $8.95.

Visit Fondi’s for your next pizza craving! And if you enjoyed your visit, consider leaving us a review, we appreciate your feedback as we strive for perfection.

Serve Fondi's Pizza At Your Next Event

We specialize in large parties and specialty groups such as wedding rehearsal dinners  and sports teams.  We are able to facilitate up to 50 people.  Get in touch with us directly by emailing

Brag-worthy Salads

Legend has it, Fondi’s has the best salads in town. There’s a reason why our Bella Chopped Salad consistently gets mentioned in our Google and Yelp! reviews.

Start your meal with a half salad or go all in with our full size salad option with added chicken breast for a tummy-filling healthy meal. 

Made by scratch on a daily basis with the freshest ingredients available, and topped with our freshly shredded parmesan cheese, it’s no wonder why word gets out about our insalatas.

Fresh Salads Made To Order

Save Room For Gelato

italian desserts

After you’ve finished your pizza, close out your meal with one of our classic Italian desserts. Choose from our soft and melt in your mouth gelato, to our rich tiramisu, or our sugar top-hardened burnt creme. 

Wrap it up with our popular Affogato – freshly brewed espresso served over our vanilla gelato. All our desserts are available for dine-ine, take-out, and delivery. View our Dessert options.

Authentic Dining

Yes. Wine. In. Tumblers. We often get asked about our choice of glass for our vino, and sometimes, it can leave our diners scratching their head.

Since we believe in providing an authentic dining experience, we choose to serve our wines in the more traditional country-side setting of Italy! This nonchalant and informal setting is what the Italians call, “sprezzatura”.

So if you come in to dine, please know that this is not a mistake but an intentional part of your dining experience at Fondi’s.

View our full Beverage menu.

Why Wine In Tumblers?

Book An Event

Fondi's At Your Event

Pizza + weddings. Perfectly unique, and perfectly fun. Hit the mark on your dinner choice for your guests with Fondi’s in Gig Harbor. Pizza is easy to serve, requires less clean up, and is a downright nostalgic epicurean classic – really though, who doesn’t love pizza?

Pizza is an excellent choice to serve at wedding rehearsal dinners, and reception parties and we encourage you to give us a call to discuss your event. When done right, artisan Neapolitan-style pizza with finely sourced ingredients, can become a memorable gourmet experience.

View our Wedding Event options and prices.

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