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Giving Back: 2022 Gig Harbor Fundraisers

With our upcoming Gig Harbor Fundraisers (we affectionately call, FUN-raisers), we are reminded of the valuable lessons in entrepreneurship, business, leadership, and family values we’ve learned from owning a small business in small community. Like cultivating a garden, the health of the soil is one of the determining factors to the growth of the plants. We feel our pizza restaurant in Gig Harbor thrives because of the vibrant and engaging community is consistent in supporting our restaurant.

Giving back to our local schools and non-profit organizations is a significant focus in our operations, and with the summer coming up we’re going full steam ahead in offering our restaurant for large events and community fundraisers.

To help us help our community, we are reaching out and encouraging our customers to come out on one of these nights and support these local organizations.

Summer 2022

  • June 1st – Goodman Middle School
  • June 4th & 5th – Gig Harbor Maritime Festival and Parade
  • June 7th – Pioneer Elementary
  • June 8th – Team Emma JDRF
  • June 14th – Harbor Heights Elementary School
  • June 21st – International Day of Music – Hosted by Uptown Shopping/ Fondi Pizzeria Acoustic Stage.
  • June 22nd – Last day of School

Fall/Winter 2022


  • 11/1      Gig Harbor High School Football
  • 11/2      Peninsula High School Basketball (not confirmed)
  • 11/8      GH Lacrosse
  • 11/15    Voyager Elementary School
  • 11/17    Pioneer Elementary School
  • 11/21    Patio Closed for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Party
  • 11/24    Thanksgiving – Closed
  • 11/29    Goodman Middle School (my alma mater) 


  • 12/6      Harbor Heights Elementary School (my alma mater)
  • 12/13    Artondale Elementary School
  • 12/17    Lighted Car Parade at Uptown

Interested in hosting your FUN-Raiser at Fondis?

Read our FUN-Raiser page and fill out a request form. We will reply within 24-72 hours to review your application.

Giving back to Gig Harbor

Support Your Local Gig Harbor Community at Fondi Pizzeria

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