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Stop Winging It: Candid Interview with Chris Olsen

Last week, our owner Chris Olsen had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Carver of Wingman Associates, a business and success coach, to discuss life and the journey of becoming a restaurateur.

In this candid interview with Stop Winging It, Chris shares:

  • Where and how he got started in the service industry
  • His Hero’s Journey as a restaurant manager (it wasn’t always easy!)
  • How he came to own one of Gig Harbor’s most beloved restaurants
  • Why it’s crucial to focus on longer-term relationships with everyone you come into business with
  • Ways Fondi has become a champion of local education
  • And the new marketing strategies that have driven a boost in revenue.

Listen to the interview below and be sure to visit Mike’s website, Wingman Associates, to learn more about how he helps business owners grow in both life and entrepreneurship.

Check out the rest of his podcast, Stop Winging It, and hear how small business owners and entrepreneurs of various industries navigate their journey coupled with their challenges and successes.

Stop Winging It Podcast with Fondi Pizzeria
Stop Winging It Podcast with Fondi Pizzeria

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