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Wild Berry Cooler

Meet Your New Summer Crush

The Wild Berry Cooler. A light and refreshing mix of Blueberries, Blackberries and Ginger Beer.

Wild Berry Cooler

Blueberries - 10 each
Blackberries - 1 each
Ice - 2 cups
Vodka - 1.50 Fl. oz.
Fresh Lemon Juice - 1T
Simple Syrup - 2T
Cranberry Juice - 1T
Ginger Beer - 2T
Lemon Twist for garnish

1. Muddle berries in pint glass.
2. Fill glass with ice followed by remaining ingredients.
3. Shake well.
4. Pour into tall glass and top with ice.
5. Garnish with lemon twist and serve with a smile!