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Mushroom Chèvre Cannelloni: For When You Need Cheesey Goodness


Vegetarian diners, it’s time to rejoice. Fondi Pizzeria has heard your requests and we are coming through with a new vegetarian option on the menu.


…The Mushroom Chèvre Cannelloni.

The gooey melted cheese factor is off the charts with this one. Made with fresh mushrooms, chèvre cheese, cannelloni pasta and topped with parmesan and chopped basil – you drooling yet?

Heck, we’ve barely rolled out this masterpiece, and it’s already getting 5-star reviews on our Yelp!

I think it’s safe to say: The new kid on the block is here to stay!

Feast your eyes on this delight which is available for dine-in, take-out, or delivery.

mushroom chevre cannelloni 2


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