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Hailing All Meatlovers: Welcome our new Meatball Panini.

As a locally owned restaurant in Gig Harbor, your feedback is vital to our business. And when you talk, we listen. (Have something you want to say? If so, consider leaving us a review here.) We’ve heard the cry for more vegetarian and special diet friendly options and in response, introduced our new Vegetarian Mushroom Chevre Cannelloni – which has been a huge hit. Because of your feedback, our community is now enjoying new epicurean delights.

Well, as it turns out, Chef Olsen is still busy in the kitchen tinkering and toiling over new menu items, which brings us to today’s update on “The Slice”. Announcing our newbie, the “Meatball Panini”.

While our classic Neapolitan pies are our bread and butter olive oil so to speak, many of our customers love grabbing a quick bite from our lunch menu like our Bella Chopped Salad and/or our Paninis. And we’re looking forward to to our Meatball Panini becoming one of our menu All-Stars.

With supply chain shortages and delays that are far beyond our control (thank you for being patient with us), we’ve had to come up with ways to continue to provide classic dishes on our menu that are friendly for most budgets and which fit into the food supply options we have available to us.

And wouldn’t you know it, we have found a way around it. Welcome our new Meatball Panini. Expect 2 handmade and well-seasoned meatballs are nestled between a sliced and toasted baguette, and liberally covered with our housemade red sauce, then topped with freshly shaved parmesan cheese. We’re drooling just typing this out.

If dining in, we recommend our House Red wine, or our Red Blend which you can find on our Beverage menu. If looking for a beer to pair with your Meatball Panini, we suggest you try our locally brewed, 7 Seas Hazy IPA, which will help liven up the savory robustness of this saucy panini.

From all of us here at Fondi’s, thank you! As things are starting to look more hopeful in 2022, we are reflecting on how much we appreciate your support and patience. If you have any concerns or feedback, we are always willing to work with you to make your experience here authentic and enjoyable.

Consider leaving us a review and telling us what you think…but remember, we’re still humans and a kind word or two is also greatly appreciated. 😉

meatball panini at fondi pizzeria

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