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2021 Fondi Pizzeria Highlights

What a ride 2021 has been for us, not just at Fondi’s, but in Gig Harbor and beyond. As we are still wiping the sweat off of our brow from a busy and successful year, we at least have some major milestones to celebrate.

Here’s a quick rundown of what 2021 was like for us at Fondi Pizzeria:

  • We launched our brand new website in late March to highlight our scratch-made menu and offer our customers a window into our story. You can now easily place a pizza order from our website via ToastTab, view our full menu, keep up to date with our specials, and learn kitchen and cooking tips from the Pizzaiola himself – Chris Olsen.
  • Our annual school fundraisers raised $8993.50 in 2021 helping the local several local schools.
  • With the launch of our website and focus on online marketing (including a monthly newsletter), we found we quickly became known as a local go-to for wedding reception dinners. Who knew! Folks love serving pizza at wedding events. We offer a fixed menu for all large events with a cost per person. Taking bookings now for 2022 – e-mail us directly to learn more.
  • Taking advantage of some downtime because of pandemic closures, we’ve been able to spend time doing some renovations. Early in 2021 our dining room received a deep clean and all tables got a good sand down and re-polish.
  • In the test kitchen, we formulated a few new menu items: Spicy Pizza Rolls, Rosemary Mushroom Chevre Cannelloni and a Meatball Panini. New cocktail additions include Elder Pear, Irish Whiskey, and an Espresso Martini; plus, new wine additions coming soon.
  • We are now on the road to social media stardom with our new Fondi Youtube channel where we’ll continue offering cooking and recipe ideas.

Fondi Pizzeria named the winner of Gig Harbor Living Local Finest for Best Pizza in Gig Harbor, WA

Now that we can put 2021 in the proverbial record books, we can make room for more excitement and fingers crossed, less pandemic stress.

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